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It Works Because It Works

Arash Ghaemi, the creator of Galaxy Growth, is from the internet. He knows how to create a digital ecosystem that drives the most amount of traffic, leads, and sales. Using his digital marketing skills, Arash built his fantasy sports blog into a daily fantasy sports startup with paid subscribers, which he eventually sold to move on to new ventures in the digital assets world. An Investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2017, Arash is now solely focused on the emerging digital world.

Bitcoin and Ethereum disrupting traditional banking and payment models, it’s only a matter of time before the economy becomes more decentralized.

Galaxy Growth wants to be a part of this rapidly shifting monetary paradigm and is dedicated to accelerating the transition to a more open financial system.

Using a galaxy growth approach to digital marketing, Arash has built a clientele of medium to small businesses across the U.S… He has worked for global coffee retailers in CPG in his work with Denver digital marketing agencies, helping them grow their organic search traffic 100% YoY and increase their eCommerce sales. His last role was growing the organic search and social media channels for a digital asset hedge fund.

He has also integrated his team with agencies in New York and Dallas, helping them build and scale their SEO offerings… If it worked for him and it works for multinationals, it can work for you.

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