Delta Strategic Solutions Is a Comprehensive Security Solutions Integrator who Assists Its Clients In Designing and Implementing the best of Breed Innovative Strategies, Products, and Services at a Price Point that Delivers ROI and Competitive Advantage.

Their goal was to launch Delta Diligence, a website that offered professional background check services online.

What We Did

Their original digital presence was a tangled mess. There were 3 different websites competing with one another for search results which were very confusing for both Google and people. After a series of strategy sessions, we decided to go all-in on Delta Diligence with the other 2 websites serving as a bridge to that one website. Because there other 2 websites were already ranking well, we decided to ensure that link equity passed over to Delta Diligence as well.

So we created 3 new logos and rebuilt the website with foundational SEO in mind. Additionally, we created a simplified buy flow to purchase background checks similar to docusearch. In other words, we created a massive marketing funnel to drive impressions, traffic and leads.


  • Delta already ranks for 88 organic keywords for multiple background check services
  • Complete brand overhaul from the ground up
  • Simplified, frictionless buy flow for each purchase