Peak Financial is a mortgage broker in Denver and Wyoming with goals to expand to several other states. When we did our audit we discovered that their website wasn’t ranking for any keywords and they were basically invisible in Google. In the SEO business, they say the best way to hide a dead body is on page 2 of search results. The same can be said of a poorly built website without SEO fundamentals built into it.

What We Did

Like many of our other projects, we rebuilt Peak Financial from the ground up with SEO in mind and ported content over to a WordPress website. We also executed an SEO campaign in Denver to reverse the damage done on the old website. By the way, the old website was on Wix – If you meet an agency who wants to build on Wix, run away!

The site started to do so well in Google that Peak decided to launch a website in Wyoming as well. We are currently executing an SEO campaign in Wyoming and driving impressions, traffic, leads, and deals to the website.

A great combo is executing SEO and Google AdWords campaigns together and that’s exactly what we’re doing with Peak in Denver and Wyoming.


  • 54,000 impressions over the last year
  • 219,000 paid impressions
  • 700 paid clicks
  • 57 keyword rankings