Founder of Galaxy Growth Arash Ghaemi worked for The Integer Group for 2.5 years. During that time he led the Search Engine Optimization for Starbucks Coffee at Home for both their Website and eCommerce stores.

If he could help Starbucks grow organically, he could help any business grow organically and that’s what inspired him to launch Galaxy Growth.

Coffee at Home is Starbucks eCommerce arm and is responsible for raising awareness and driving sales of Coffee online. For 1.5 years Arash and the rest of the team worked to improve UX and SEO until their first big test – Covid.

These optimizations proved to be a massive success as all Starbucks At Home properties skyrocketed in impressions, clicks, traffic, and sales.

How did he do this?

A great SEO campaign starts with a technical audit – Is your website communicating with Google efficiently? How you build your website will determine how Google ranks you.

A poorly built and maintained website will hurt your rankings because this tells Google you don’t care.

He worked with the development teams to improve the page load speed and other code level changes to improve UX. 

Using foundational SEO strategies and tactics he was able to optimize title tags and meta descriptions to appeal to both search engines and people. He created a title tag formula that could be used on Google, Amazon, Walmart, and Target.


  • 100% YoY Organic Search Growth
  • $75,000/mo in Google AdSpend Saved
  • 34,000+ organic keyword rankings