Two Prime is a digital asset hedge fund that manages Bitcoin and Ethereum for high net worth individuals, institutions, family offices, and corporate treasuries. They wanted to rebrand and move away from being more retail-focused with a token to more institutional hedge fund-focused.

They needed a new logo, website, content, and immediate awareness and traffic.

What We Did

We started with a brand discovery to fine-tune our content and create a target persona. This is an important step when rebranding as it would dictate all marketing and content creation efforts moving forwards.

We also reimagined the original logo. A logo says a lot about you, so we created a cleaner, more simplified version of their original. Our primary target was institutional-level investors, and the logo had to look great while also portraying professionalism.

From there, we worked with a user experience designer to eliminate friction points on the website which made it easier to leave contact information. Once we had clear wire frames, we built a custom WordPress theme without excess code to ensure the fastest possible page load speed.

A custom-built WordPress theme creates a strong SEO foundation you can build on top of. It integrates seamlessly with Google ensuring organic search rankings improve faster than the competition. Once the site launched we executed a content marketing campaign towards institutional investors to increase impressions, clicks, traffic, leads, and keyword rankings.


  • 200% MoM traffic increases with regular content creation
  • 183 new keyword rankings
  • 100% MoM increase in impressions