The World is Being Rebuilt Digitally

Galaxy Growth wants to accelerate that process and help you get the word out for your project in digital assets, decentralized finance, blockchain, or web3. If you have a new project that needs digital marketing, please reach out! Bitcoin opened our eyes to a new financial paradigm, while Ethereum created a new digital infrastructure and laid down the tracks to a more open financial system. So let’s keep the momentum going together –A digital-first world with digital infrastructure and digital currency is better for everyone involved.

Galaxy Growth will help your business rise up the search rankings and send your engagement skyward, freeing it from the shackles of gravity. From research to design to blast off, we find the search strategy that helps your target audience find you.

It’s all about understanding search, staying on top of technology updates, and thinking creatively.

Additionally, we can integrate with your current marketing team and provide large-scale recommendations. So free yourself from humdrum traffic and plant your flag among the stars with Galaxy Growth.


Mo Iqbal

Advertising and Telecommuncations

Arash is an amazing person to work with. Arash was originally hired to help us with some minor projects but quickly took over with whatever was thrown at him. He is an expert when it comes to organic marketing while having the personality that can get along with anyone. He continued to expand his skillset and did not continue using the same old ways that were relevant last year. Highly Recommend him.
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Rick Manelius

PhD, CTO at Contact Mapping

Arash exhibits unwavering calmness and professionalism, even in the face of extreme adversity (both within his team/organization and externally with vendors/clients). He is both a student and an experienced practitioner in his primary professions. However, I believe his most underrated asset is his business acumen. He is constantly assessing and proposing ways to leverage content and SEO to improve the performance of his companies as well as deliver more value to his clients. Finally, Arash does this from a place of humility and is self aware enough to know where his expertise begins and ends, deferring to others when and where appropriate.
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    You don’t need to pour a bunch of money and energy into raising your search rankings. All you need is a little rocket fuel. Galaxy Growth is a lean team that can get the most bang for your buck through tailored recommendations that other agencies can’t offer. We’ve built a handpicked group of digital marketing experts that eat, sleep, and breathe SEO. See what a little rocket fuel can do for your success.